Thursday, November 18, 2004

Nevada ramping up with NGA Interoperability Efforts: "Sheriff Tony DeMeo was one of nine Nevadans selected to participate in the Emergency Response Communications Academy. According to a statement from Gov. Kenny Guinn, Nevada was chosen of one of five states to have a role in the so-called 'Public Safety Wireless Communication Interoperability Academy,' sponsored by the National Governors Association and the Center for Best Practices."

Monday, November 15, 2004

Communication awry in public safety: "No one knows how much fixing the problem will cost or how long it will take to do it, said George Foresman, [VA] Gov. Mark R. Warner's assistant for commonwealth preparedness.

'Everybody wants done today what it took 20 years to do in information technology,' Foresman said last week. 'We are 10 years, I believe, from [a solution] most people will consider appropriate.

'The reason has nothing to do with money, turf or people,' Foresman said. 'You don't reform three levels of government, the private sector, and multiple agencies overnight.'"

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Panel: Interoperability About People More Than Technology: "There is a long way to go to resolve interoperable communications problems for first responders, with technology being the last and the least worrisome problem to solve, according to federal and local officials and public policy experts at an event sponsored by the New Millennium Research Council in Washington."